Gag order issued RE: power mongering by Cornfelds

I’m sorry to divulge that a Judge Delores Thomas of the Brooklyn Superior Court signed an order which restricts quote “blogging on “social media” about the children.”  This order was pressed through by John Kornfeld ESQ, the crooked lawyer on the part of Alex Cornfeld.  No doubt, the safety all minor members of the Cornfeld klan are far from Cornfeld’s mind, however, he certainly wants to restrict information that makes him look like the dirty lying scum that he is, a ruthless autocrat who lusts after ultimate power and control, is incapable of any kind of compromise, and who has an ego the size of King Kong.  Here is a copy of the order.  I’d like to advise anyone who follows this issue to save screen shots of anything they find important on this blog, because no doubt if this order which violates my first amendment rights to freedom of speech can be put through, it is only a matter of time before the ruthless actions of the Cornfelds will lead to the restriction of all of my information.  Click the link to see a copy of the order  20170313130853 (dragged)

So, in order that I may abide by this court order, I will be starting a new blog which will be entirely dedicated to the deceitful, crooked, selfish, and blatantly dishonest behavior of Alex Cornfeld, which will have no mention of anyone else and which will be completely protected by my first ammendment right to free publication of all materials that fall within community standards.  Keep watching for further updates.

The Current State of Affairs

One of my morning rituals when I moved to New York City was to listen to WNYC.  I listened to public radio when I was in Los Angeles, and I enjoyed learning about local current events and the intellectual stimulation that diverse topics on most shows covered, but I noticed a trend listening to NPR.  There seemed to be an endless focus on “white privilege” and “underprivileged” groups. At first I didn’t think anything about it, but as time wore on, I really became irritated, not because I didn’t think that inherent racism and bigotry exists (after all, I have been the target of this myself, often from minority groups, which is quite ironic) but because of the sense of entitlement that seemed to be projected during these programs.

My own mother and grandmother were immigrants (technically, they were refugees) to this country during the 1960s who spoke entirely no English upon their arrival.  They left their home country with two large trunks full of clothing, and their first jobs when they arrived in the US were as maids and cooks at a resort in the Catskills, in upstate New York, where a relative lived.  They struggled to learn English and still maintain thick accents even today, after 40 years.  My mother later shared a two bedroom apartment in the Upper West Side of New York City with four other women in their 20s so that she could live in a lower crime neighborhood.  She put herself through college as an adult in her late 20s.

My father, although he was native born, came from a working class family of immigrants from the Balkans, and paid his way through college with student loans and also working as a bar back (while he was underage- which I guess you could get away with back in the early to mid 70s.)  After scrimping and pinching through his Engineering degree, he got a full time job offer in Los Angeles (which is where he eventually met my mom, and where I was born.) He used most of his life savings to buy a car to take himself out to the West Coast on the original Route 66, and had just enough left over to put a deposit and first month’s rent on an apartment.  He then told me that he ate “poor man’s hotdogs” which were 15 cents or so at the time, which apparently consisted of a bun, and as much relish, pickles, onions, and other condiments that you wanted to put on it, until he got his first paycheck.

Both of my parents grew up with an “old world” life mentality, and that is that struggle and hardship are inherent to existence.  They did not gripe or stress about small things.  They buckled their belts tighter, gritted their teeth, and moved forward.  Although technically I grew up in an affluent household, the beneficiary of a lifetime of careful fund management and strategic moves to nice neighborhoods where there were better schools, what I began to realize is that the struggles and hardships that I endured when I became financially independent and began paying my way through grad school at the tender age of 21, was that I expected these hardships, and that actually made it easier for me to deal with them.  As I began listening to radio show after radio show, I began to become exasperated when I realized that many of the things that I had to go through were far worse than some of the things that the guests on the shows were experiencing.  Through most of my 20s, I had no health insurance coverage, although because I was a good saver, I always had funds available when I needed to go to the walk in clinic.  I skipped out on buying expensive clothing so that I could pay for 250-300 dollar medical textbooks and equipment, although I always found money for food, there were definitely a few times towards the end of the month that I was stuck eating cheese and crackers, which was the only thing I had on hand.  In fact, in retrospect I realize now that one of the reasons that I was so thin is because I spent almost no money on food!

As I entered my 30s,  and as I benefitted from lots of experience with all kinds of different people, I realized that not all people were poor because of lack of opportunities.  I certainly met plenty of people in the adult industry who became “rich” fast and quickly and then rode the roller coaster down to rock bottom because they snorted and drank up most of their profits, or wasted them on frivolous things thinking that the money train would never end.  I’ve met plenty of college graduates whose parents paid their way through college, giving them generous allowances, who later crashed and burned due to addictive behaviors or had problems with impulse control and judgement, and later ended up doing the couch tour with anyone who would have them.  I also began to realize that not everyone prioritizes the same sorts of things, and that many of my fashionista friends of friends were sporting 300 dollar shades while sleeping on mattresses on the floor.  I also began to realize that while I was brought up on the old world ethos of self-sufficiency, hard work, and being prepared for difficult situations, that many of my peers enjoyed extended adolescence into their late 20s as their parents paid their bills and they took ski trips during winter breaks.  This trend has become more and more pronounced, partly because of the economic crisis, but also because of a militant strain of self entitlement held by many youth.

I think that there are quite a few misconceptions about “privilege” and discrimination, the first, and most important misconception being that only white people discriminate. The dirty little secret is that lots of groups hold xenophobic views, and these are often the same groups that we tend to see as “minorities.”  It is especially true if you are in any way connected to any kind of alternative lifestyle.  Angry mobs of all colors of the rainbow will attack like rabid dogs if you stray too much from the acceptable status quo of behaviors.

The second misconception about “privilege” is that privilege has to do with money.  This is often true, but what is more important than money is connections.  Those who have connections and are able to work the system are going to benefit more than those who simply have money.  A perfect example is the family court issue that I went through with my ex-partner, Alex Cornfeld.  Although technically he, and not I, was the member of the minority group, and although my father helped me to get an experienced lawyer and paid over 20k for my own expert psychiatric witness, the Cornfields lied, manipulated the system, blocked my witnesses, and I suspect, paid people off in order to get their evil way.  Luckily, because I spent a lifetime dealing with difficult situations, I developed the coping mechanisms to handle them, to roll with the punches, and to carry onward even amidst the worst of the nightmares that anyone can imagine.

As a child I remember the vestiges of a cold war during the Regan era, seeing the wall come down, the scourge of the aids crisis, and then the Iraq war during high school, and the worst of all, the tragedy of 9-11 during my college days, however, nothing has quite compared to the violent chaos and social unrest that I have seen in the past five to eight years, which has been fueled by idleness of the masses suffering from a lack of economic opportunity (a fact which is seriously downplayed by the media.) This is truly a difficult time to be alive, especially if you have not developed the right mindset.

While I no longer can bear to listen to NPR, I certainly believe that the ability to peacefully maintain an alternative point of view without fear of personal attacks in an important privilege of living in a free society, however, I can see that this right is slowly being infringed upon by angry anarchist mobs who are too cowardly to show their faces.

New Film -Summer 2016

I have long alleged that I am being followed, most likely by Arthur and Alex Cornfeld’s private investigators, however, other than a few emails sent back and forth to the agency Arthur hired, a business card given to me by one of the PIs who followed me with my knowledge for a few weeks, and Arthur’s admission over the phone as witnessed by my father that in fact, I WAS being followed, I wasn’t able to get any film of it — until this summer.

The following clip was taken on a sad day when my VW Passat, which functioned better than any hired “protection” that money could buy, finally broke down once and for all one evening.  There was a fast leak in the coolant/radiator system, and I had to stop every ten miles or so to fill up with water just so I could get it home, where I left it parked until I sold it as a salvage.  Luckily, I had enough money in savings to cover the emergency and buy a new vehicle.  As I was waiting for my engine to cool down so I could unscrew the cap to the coolant reservoir, a car pulled up behind me (not close, but quite a distance away, at least 25-30 feet) and put on the flashers.  For a second I wondered if it was a good Samaritan, but I had no such luck.  The driver stayed in the car and appeared to be watching me as I waited for roughly five minutes waiting for the engine to cool, and continued to wait as I filled up the car with water (coolant would have been a complete waste given how fast the fluid was leaking out.)  The footage was taken after I had already closed the hood and gotten into the car.

I showed this to my father and he admitted that it was “strange.”  The only conclusion that I can reach is that this is hired covert surveillance that is keeping tabs on me.  Watch and decide for yourself what you think the intention of this person in the car might be.


Also, on an unrelated note, my blogs have been illegally supressed by Bing and Yahoo.  According to their terms, they can supress blogs that cause “harm to children” and violate “legal codes.”  My blog has not done any of these and yet all of my results do not come up at all in Bing or Yahoo.  There is even a message that claims that some of the results have been “removed.”  This is an illegal violation of my rights to free speech and expression.

“Fit” Parenting (as Defined by Income)

It had come to my attention six months ago that the last time my children had been to the dentist was about two years ago, when they were under my care.  My daughter, who is now nine years old, has already had her adult teeth for several years, and it was very disconcerting to know that they had not been getting proper dental care.  To be honest, however, I was not really surprised.  Most of the planning for the children’s health and well being had come under my auspices when they were in my custody, and I was the one to make their first dental appointments when my daughter had her first adult tooth come in.  Combined with the fact that my children had shown up numerous times improperly dressed during the winter, in only short sleeves and no layers, oftentimes without mittens, I remembered how when I first met Alex I wondered if he was borderline autistic.

Aside from being overly analytical and overly concerned with objects, he does not laugh often, never sings or whistles, and the small social niceties of life such as having the children call my grandmother or my dad (or even sending a card) on their birthday or holidays seem to escape him.  He is oftentimes unable to demonstrate empathy, and has a hard time understanding how other people feel.  After two years of couples therapy with no progress, I began to understand that he was simply lacking in the most basic types of social intelligence.

After months of commenting to my visitation supervisor about the lack of dental care, and then taking my children to a local drugstore during one of the visits to buy children’s teeth floss, at long last, they were taken to the dentist.  All of this begs the question: with the vast amounts of resources available to the Cornfelds, and the full time childcare that they have available, including nannies who take the children to all kinds of appointments, why were they not taken to the dentist sooner?  Why did it never cross their father’s mind, after almost two and a half years under his care, that his children might need to have their teeth checked?  I would be very VERY surprised if I had heard that Alex had not been to the dentist lately.  He wants for nothing, and wears ten thousand dollar suits and six hundred dollar pairs of shoes, and YET my daughter shows up in sweat pants and sweatshirts EVERY WEEK and my son has shown up without his glasses for the past two months.

I sincerely worry about the state of the country, the corruption inherent in the “justice” system and the  child “wellfare” professionals who are supposed to act in the best interest of the children, who should not be swayed by bribes, coercion, slanderous statements, or crony politics.  The Cornfelds managed to take this case immediately to Supreme court without any prior litigation, served me papers only two days before the appearance (which I found out later is illegal,) and then the judge voted in favor of a motion to block my own forensic psychologist, Dr NG Berrill, who is highly respected in his field of work, and who submitted a report stating that I had “no psychosis of any kind” according to a test administered, and that I posed “no physical threat to my children or myself,” according to his further examinations.  Because psychiatric diagnoses are highly subjective, it is ALMOST UNHEARD OF for second witnesses such as this to be blocked in court.   The witnesses were blocked due to an allegation from legal representatives on the part of the Cornfelds which claimed based on one single phrase in the report that Berrill was uncertain about his diagnosis.

What I have come to realize is that many of these social signs Alex exhibits, mainly, lack of empathy, are also the trademark signs of anti-social personality disorder, defined by the DSM 5 defines as behaviors which violate various laws, such as lying for personal gain, forgery, bribery, and general deceit and manipulation of others, as well as impulsive behavior, such as heavy drinking, cocaine use, and compulsive gambling (as opposed to occasional, recreational gambling.  Those with anti-social personality disorder (or in lay language, a “socio-path”)  blatantly disregard the health, well being, and emotional needs of those around them.  Some socio paths engage in violent and aggressive behaviors, but others, like Bernie Madoff, commit white collar crimes because they crave the ego stroking that having lots of money and adoration affords them.  Lastly, and most importantly, they exhibit no remorse for the results that their behavior has on those around them, including their kids, family, and people close to them.

The lay public often confuses the term “anti-social behavior” with introverted behavior, or even social avoidance behavior.  These things are not related to the clinical definition of “anti-social behavior.”  In fact, socio-paths can often be quite charismatic, charming, and loved by others, and this is exactly the way in which they are able to manipulate them into doing their dirty work.

I am worried about both of my children, who are exceptionally bright, but especially my daughter, who has a genius IQ as confirmed by a director of Mensa, who received her full psych report conducted by the school.  The psychologist at the school refused to sign off on her report, telling me that the school district could not send reports meant for internal use to an outside organization, and the director at Mensa confirmed that other parents in New York City reported similar problems.  My daugher, like myself, is highly sensitive, introverted, and especially needs the emotional interaction that she has been robbed of since my absence.  She has become more and more quiet and withdrawn since the separation, and since I am not allowed phone calls (even on holidays such as Christmas and birthdays)  it is very difficult to ascertain exactly what the problem might be at the Cornfeld household.


What to do if you are (really) being followed.

It’s not always clear if you are actually being followed.  In my case, I was being followed by private investigators for over one year without my permission, and I do believe that I am still being followed by Arthur’s henchmen now and then.  Here is a good article I ran across about various methods you can use to 1)determine if you are actually being followed and 2)loose the followers.

I have found that for me, the absolute BEST way to figure out if a person or group was following me was to stop suddenly in my tracks.  Often times, the person or individuals would then stop also, usually very awkwardly, waiting for me to do something.  Sometimes, the less sophisticated among them would also point in my direction or keep looking furtively back and forth to see what I was doing.  I then would turn on my phone and begin filming them, which usually made them frightened enough of exposure to stop following me.

If being followed by car, as in the brighting incident in my youtube film from a previous post with a vehicle flashing it’s lights behind me (which used to happen frequently) slow down, and allow them to pass.  They will usually slow down as well, waiting for you to speed up again, but when you don’t, eventually they will pass.  At that time you can flash your lights a few times as well.  I don’t get followed with brights anymore, because I always reverse bright, and no one likes that.

I have also taken a moment to comprise a chart of the difference between what psychologists call “non-bizarre delusions,” that is, things that could physically happen in real life but which are NOT really happening to a given individual, and actual harassment.  Much of the art of psychiatric diagnosis is still highly subjective, and even tests like the MMPI are not entirely free from confounds.  For instance, if an individual REALLY IS being followed, the test may give a false positive for paranoia because it only takes into account an individual’s answers on the test, and not actual life circumstances.

Delusional Harassed
Repeatedly claim events are happening (usually over years) but has no physical proof  EXAMPLE – Jean’s spouse has tried to poison her over 100 times but has not succeeded, she’s not physically ill, and has no evidence of tampering. Claim ongoing repetitious events, but can provide video, audio, eyewitness accounts, and other forms of physical proof of harassment
Harrassed in any neighborhood, at all times, and harassment seems to follow them to any and all locations EXAMPLE – No matter where Jeffrey goes he is followed by the CIA. Harassment is situational, occurs in only certain places, and individual can find respite from harassment in various ways
Individual generally has no known enemies and no factors that would provide incentive for someone to harass them Individual has one or more enemies or others who would benefit financially, socially, or otherwise from having them harmed or seen as mentally incompetent
Mood and behavior is usually the same over a lifetime, or if it does change, the change is usually gradual Mood and behavior changes markedly upon onset of harassment due to stress, depression, and other psychiatric issues caused by harassment

The above chart is a general guide.  Every individual is different and it often takes a very skilled and experienced practitioner to arrive upon the correct diagnosis, especially in the case of a person who is experiencing “non-bizarre” delusions.  Another complication in differentiating between a harassed and delusional person is that the harassed person will also become hyper vigilant or primed to expect harassment and may see events which are coincidental as part of the harassment.  A good mental health professional also takes into account how functional, independent, and otherwise healthy their patient is to determine the proper course of treatment.

My mail has been coming in opened

I have moved up to a nice quiet neighborhood in Westchester County, NY, just north of the Bronx, and I have been working hard painting, moving furniture, and generally getting the place into good shape, and I needed to order a few large items for the new place, including a dehumidifier.  I noticed that the dehumidifier was delivered with the box open (the bottom had been completely cut out so that you could slide the top off the box.)  I didn’t think much of this, but then when other mail started to come in open, I became suspicious.  The last thing that came in open was a small box sent to me by a friend who visited for a week, and had borrowed my keys and forgotten to return them to me before she left.  The box that she sent the keys in was open, as well as the envelope inside the box.  Now I’m wondering whether or not I should change my locks again, which is simple enough; I did it myself the first time, just by going to the hardware store and buying a new set of knobs for about 40.00.

Still, given everything that has been going on, it’s very unsettling knowing that someone might have the keys to my house.  What’s interesting is that my grandmother happened to be visiting and was outside when the postal worker came, and that the mail was ALREADY open at that time, eliminating the possibility that one of my neighbors or some passerby might have come by and opened it looking for valuables.

Repeated Black Balling and Blocking of Critical Information

I would have never imagined that in this country, such mis-carriages of justice might be allowed as have occurred in this case.  Even asides from repeated snubs from Brad Nacht, the lawyer “for the children” appointed to the case, various things have occurred which have led me to believe that my rights to fair representation and a full presentation of my case are being interfered with.  For one thing, although I was assigned an “independent” forensic evaluator by the court, it is very apparent, given hard evidence that I am willing to provide, that there were numerous lies and falsehoods represented as truth by various individuals, including Nikki Gontmakher and Sherill Sigalow, who told an outright lie about the reason for termination of her services (they were terminated by myself, as shown by two emails from me to her explaining the reasons why I fired her.)  Information given to the evaluator by my own personal references was distorted or completely ommitted.

While I did hire a forensic evaluator who was able to examine my audio tapes and find that indeed, there were hissing sounds on the audio and that I have an second psych evaluation which found that

testing with the MCMI-III reflect that … tests results do not reveal that Ms Sepich is suffering from a psychosis of any sort.

the Cornfelds have filed a motion to block the testimony of both of my expert witnesses in court.  In fact, my lawyer has told me that Brad Nacht accused my forensic evaluator, Dr NG Berrill, of being a “hired gun.”  The Cornfelds are not concerned about my mental health and well being, as evidenced by the fact that they have completely cut off contact with me, presumably at a time when I was most in need of emotional support, and I have had no contact of any kinds with any of the Cornfelds with the exception of routine text messages once a month to Alex Cornfeld to coordinate support payments.  What I am most in shock over is the ease with which the Cornfelds were able to lie, manipulate, cheat, and abuse their power and influence.


Sorry dude, the judge is my poker buddy.