Updates 12/15/2015

Not surprisingly, The Cornfelds have used all tactics to stall and delay court proceedings, and in some cases literally have no respect for court proceedings.  At the last proceeding, when I was about to petition for Thanksgiving visitation with my children, I was informed by my lawyer that the Cornfelds had already made travel plans for the week, even though they KNEW that we were appearing in part to determine if I would be able to see my children over the holiday.  My lawyer was absolutely aghast that they would have this much contempt for court orders that they would dare to show such disregard.    I do periodic searches on and I did find an interesting blog post here


which pertains to Cornfeld scofflaw tendencies.  On a related note, I also have posted an updated list to unedited films in my dropbox, but these are all available on my youtube channel


I had another flat tire on my real passenger side wheel the other day, which I replaced with a high quality tire.  Further updates will be posted as they happen.

New film depicting a “brighting” incident recently


Also – I re-edited the audio clip with the hissing.  It has come to my attention that certain people couldn’t hear the hissing at all over the background noise, but once I put visual cues in, almost everyone can hear it.  It’s available on vimeo here (make sure to turn up the sound!)

It should be noted that I filed a complaint against Kate Ambrose of PS39 for hiss talking and hissing at me during a visit to her classroom.  Nothing was done regarding my complaints, and said Ambrose later filed a complaint after committing the bad behavior alleging that she believed I was mentally ill.  She committed an act of perjury, which is a felony in every state, which when properly prosecuted results in a minimum of one year prison time.

Hate Based Harassment and Homophobic Hysteria

It’s a shame that although much lip service is paid to “inclusiveness” and “celebration of diversity” that deep in the core of the majority of people, a deep seated distrust and dislike of those that are different still harbors itself unnoticed by the masses, even among public school teachers, like Kate Ambrose.  While the school district puts out propaganda about anti-discriminatory policies, subtle forms of hate based harassment are tacitly accepted by the school board.  The following photos depict mail that was sent to my home, most likely sent by Kate Ambrose in an act of revenge.


It seems that a deep seated hysteria about women who don’t fit the mold, don’t follow the normally accepted rules of femininity, and perhaps, simply are born hardwired to be more independent, freethinking, naturally athletic, are then accused of being transexuals or having some other sort of fictional disorder.  Not only is this an open expression of hate and homophobia, this is an assault against strong women everywhere, and I believe that anyone who emobodies humanistic ideals of freedom and innate human rights, and who ACTUALLY believes in celebration of diversity should be gravely offended by this.

Kate Ambrose, an unscrupulous person who lied under oath, violated my basic human rights to decency and respect, and then she further decided to taunt me by sending this mail, in a vile act of hate fueled malice.  Is this the type of person that we want teaching our children in public schools?


Third Time’s the Charm

Over the span of the few years that I was involved with Alex, it came to my attention that I was not the first woman who was reluctant to accept a marriage proposal.  As it turns out, prior to being involved with me, Alex had another girlfirend who, like me, was a one time exotic dancer and who also did massage and was into herbs and health.  The story that I was told by a few of Alex’s friends was that he had proposed to her a couple of times, once at dinner with her family, and that she had  refused him both times.  This actually came as kind of a relief for me to hear, because I then discovered that I was not the only woman who thought that Alex was impossible in the context of any sort of romantic relationship.  I imagine that he had likely behaved similarly with her as he did with me, which was to be pompous, narcissistically self-absorbed, arrogant, critical, and aloof.  In their case however, since they did not have any kids, their free time was spent taking trips to Mexico for trance parties that involved hallucinogenic drugs, snowboarding trips, surfing, and taking walks with the dog in Runyan Canyon.  I’m sure that it was likely easier for Dawn, who did not have to share space with Alex and get him to compromise and cooperate to set up a living space, to get breathing space whenever she needed.

In my case, however, although I worked at the spa in Beverly Hills until I was six months pregnant and the dungeon in West LA until I was four months pregnant, I was thereafter temporarily stripped of the independence that I had enjoyed my entire adult life and found that Alex was becoming increasingly difficult and was not easily be able to compromise or make joint decisions. We ended up relegating our decisions to one person or the other.  He would set up the living room, I would get to do the kitchen and the kids bedroom.  I also ended up doing most of the research for preschools in our neighborhood, because he didn’t think it was important for the kids to attend pre-school, as well as choosing the pediatrician, who coincidentally happend to be distantly related to the Cornfelds (complete accident.)

He became increasingly testy and relatives and friends who would come over to visit would comment about what a grouch he was (he yelled at one of my friends for ringing to doorbell too late at night – 9pm, and would not relinquish space on the sofa to my then 82 year old grandmother who wanted to watch the telenovellas before going to bed.)  Even my step-mother mentioned that- quote “Alex is an asshole.”  Still, everywhere he goes, presumably because he makes a lot of money, he gets people to kiss his ass and defer to him, which further feeds his over aggrandized sense of himself.  This same personality issue put him at odds with the head of the tenant association of one of his buildings, who is a strong minded woman who cuts through the Cornfeld bullshit and sees him for what he truly is, is probably the same personality which prevented Dawn from accepting his marriage proposal long before I knew him.

I do feel that although psychologists widely agree that the predominant features of our personality are inborn, that overly permisive parenting can bring out the worst of the worst of what we were born with.  Although personality is inborn, certain things like manners and a sense of civility towards others are developed through experience.  There is a reason that Alex himself likes to joke that he is “the god of small things” and that is because no one ever had the balls to confront him about his arrogance and narcissism.   Those who do find their character attacked, find themselves belittled or made fun of, or discredited by Cornfeld.  Anyone who is a threat to the autonomy of power of Alex Cornfeld is ruthlessly struck down.

As the expression goes, though, the third time is often the charm, and his third marriage proposal was finally accepted.

Differences In Opinion and Just Relating (To Put It Mildly)

It’s been said by many lawyers that five people can experience the same event and have five completely different version of what happened.  Of course, the major events should be the same, but oftentimes, the small details will be completely different. Which brings me to my story about Ann Cornfeld. Ann, although nice enough, always struck me as a bit aloof and “out of touch.”  I remember being with my young son one day and trying to get a cab.  Poor Ann, with her crippled foot, was really struggling, so I went across the street and was able to flag down a cab.  Getting the cab was simple enough, however, trying to get Ann Cornfeld’s attention once I had gotten the cab proved to be more difficult.  She was distracted, still looking down the steet for other cars and impervious to my loud shouts to get her attention.  Ann Cornfeld, although she is quite a good cook, is a complete scatterbrain in the kitchen.  She has seven bottles of fine olive oil in her kitchen, each of which is missing the cap, and the kitchen is complete chaos while she is cooking.  Unlike myself, who replaces caps immediately after using something, Ann likes to uncap near the stove, and then take the uncapped bottle across the room, where she uses it, along with five other condiments or containers, all of which are missing caps.  Don’t even ask about the contents of her drawers!  While it is true that different people have different ways of relating to things, I have often wondered how Ann would survive without her full time domestic, who cleans, shops, organizes, and does odd errands for her.  I think about my grandmother, who at 84 years old still does most of her own cleaning, and whose home is neatly organized with condiments whose caps are carefully replaced after use, and which are stored in cool dark places in the kitchen.

Ann herself, although she has been a Freudian psychoanalyst for years, has an on again – off again relationship with her own adoptive daughter, who is a chain smoker, and who never really had a serious romantic relationship until her early thirties.  Her daughter, Jessica, who was offered every opportunity and placed into a very expensive, exclusive private school, changed her course of study five or six times before she was 28, and then decided to go to nursing school.  During my course of knowing Ann (about eight years) there would be long stretches of time in which her daughter would not be speaking to her, and I got the sense that Jessica had a very tried childhood, often being looked after by the family help instead of her own mother, who was busy going to conferences all over the world. I often wondered what I might have done if I was presented with the type of opportunities that she had, and I wonder how much Ann’s aloof, inaffectionate demeanor might have affected her relationship with her daughter.

To get back to the point of various people experiences of the same reality, it’s interesting that if I play my films to ten people, seven may hear something while three may not.  You also have to know what to listen for, and look for, I suppose, but even still, it’s always amazing to me how impervious some people can be to some pretty obnoxious things on the street.  Ann Cornfeld was with me on one of these occasions, and she was completely oblivious to all of the bizarre events that occurred.  Could it be that she was old and her senses were dulled?  Did the time spent in a medically induced coma affect her neural functioning?  Or was she simply less sensitive than other individuals?  It’s impossible to tell, but in any case, I certainly don’t think I would look to Ann Cornfeld’s life as the “standard” for parenting or relationships.  Simply maintaining co-dependent, unhappy, passionless relationships , although long lived, is not what I aim to do in my life, although this may be seen by other people as “successful” on an interpersonal basis.  Different life philosphies, and different ways of experiencing the world.  I was born hard wired for adventure, for passion, and to seek fulfillment, which put me at direct odds with the Cornfelds, who are timid, neurotic, and don’t like to make waves.

Tresspassing and Illegally Entering

I’ve been through a lot since coming back from my extended vacation, including surviving a very severe bout of diarrhea accompanied by nausea and severe gastric and abdominal pain which came about after visiting a comedy club in Midtown Manhattan.  I went to City MD nearby, and had samples of my stool tested for all of the most common microbial causes of bacteria, but the test came back negative for all strains tested.  Having a background as a health care professional, this is disturbing because it means that the cause is either 1) non microbial or 2) some weird microbe which is rare.  In this case, my suspicion is that the cause was non microbial.  I had been drinking pro-biotics, yogurt, and fermented foods in order to try to replenish the micro-biome in my gut, and for the most part, my digestion has returned to it’s more or less normal state.  I have been away for extended periods after that, and I finally returned home for awhile and was enjoying the chance to decompress from a lot of issues and activity.

This morning, however, my neighbor (the same neighbor who had graffiti on his home on the side facing my backyard) rang my doorbell.  “Does this stuff belong to you?” he asked me, as he handed me a fist full of paperwork, including my car registration, proof of insurance, and manual for my car, among other things.  “I found these strewn all over the street,” he told me.  I was taken aback.  I know that I did NOT throw my own documents all over the street, so what this would mean is that someone illegally trespassed onto the driveway of my home, and then entered the vehicle in order to get my private documents out of the car.  A small plastic container inside the glove compartment in which I keep quarters for the parking meter (roughly about 20.00) was missing.  I quickly inspected my vehicle, and although the trunk was open and it was obvious that my personal belongings had been rummaged through, I did not notice any visually apparent damage or other items which were taken (yet- this just happened this morning.)

Omissions, Half-truths, and Outright Lies

Unfortunately, although the rhetoric in the justice system is that justice is blind, and that all people get fair treatment in the justice system, this is simply not the case, and sometimes it has less to do with discrimination as it does with crony-ism.  Arthur Cornfeld, who was a Harvard trained lawyer before he became a real estate investor, and Arthur’s niece, Leslie Cornfeld, who worked at the D.A.’s office and who was an advisor to Mayor Bloomberg, have a lot of connections in the legal community, and who knows what other kind of organizations, and there is absolutely NO WAY (even if there were the best of intentions, which there are not) that I will get entirely fair and unbiased legal proceedings.  I have already experienced blackballing by the lawyer for the “children” presumably who is supposed to work for the children’s interests, who refused to return repeated phone calls and emails, and who would only set up an appointment to speak with me at the intercession of my lawyer.  In addition, the lawyer for the Cornfelds misrepresented me to the judge as having a criminal record.  While it is true that I have been arrested due to some incidents which were related to other’s harassment of me (one of these incidents, which went to court, resulted in all charges being dropped and no charges pressed) this has nothing to do with an actual criminal record, meaning misdemeanor or felony charges.  What was more disturbing than the blackballing and misrepresentation, which  could almost be expected given the underhanded tactics that the Cornfelds have been taking, was the misrepresentation of me by the healthcare professionals who were taking my case, especially by Nikki Gontmakher of Child and Family Services in Manhattan.

There were various issues of lack of proper comportment by Nikki, including an overly condescending way of addressing me, and inconsistencies in her reports of “dissociation” episodes on my part while I was with the kids, but there were some instances of outright lies that she told in her reports to the court.  The first few times that my daughter came into the offices of CFS, she cried when seeing me, and when it came time to leave, she threw her arms around me and said loudly “Mommy, I don’t want to go to Daddy’s house.”  Gontmakher noticed and heard, because she looked over and then looked sadly down at the floor, however, she did not put any of this in her report.  Also notably missing, routine instances of lateness by Alex as well as herself.  But more than this, specifically there was one instance in which my daughter, who is suffering greatly due to our separation, who came in one day and complained to me about an instance in which she felt that she had been yelled at unfairly by her step-mother, and how she felt that she was ignored and not paid attention to at the Cornfeld household.  I listened patiently, and simply acknowledged her words by saying, “I’m sorry … it sounds like you’re having a rough time.”  This seemed like a sort of neutral way to acknowledge her feelings without saying anything bad about the father, but this enraged Gontmakher.  Apparently, any remote intimation that she might be having an unhappy experience at the Cornfelds was taken as a personal attack against Alex.  That evening, she sent me an email chiding me for “berating Alex” in front of the kids.  Shocked and incredulous, I emailed her back asking her to specifically detail exactly what I said which was “berating,” but she evaded the question, and insisted that I had berated Alex that day.  Luckily, I made a recording of most of the session, which I have posted on my dropbox.  In addition, I’m posting the emails that she sent me, as well as screen shots of text messages of each and every time the children were late, including one time that we were supposed to meet for an outing, and I texted her to let her know that there was bad traffic.  I ended up showing up much earlier than I expected, yet she kept me waiting downstairs on the steet for 20 minutes, even though I sent her repeated text messages letting her know that I had shown up in a timely fashion.

I’m not sure where she is drawing against this well of hatred against me, however, I am most certain that this is personal bias against me due to my participation in adult films.  I am not naive enough to think that word did not get out quickly to the CFS office the way it did at the real estate office I worked at in Brooklyn, as well as my gym. I can say though, that my treatment by persons at the office was completely reprehensible, and I can almost guarantee that they have treated drug addicted parents who actually DO have a criminal record and who put their kids in physical danger better than they treated myself, who not only has not EVER put my children in any kind of physical danger, but has no record of abuse, neglect, or mal-treatment of my children.  On the contrary, I took my children to culturally enriching activities, read to them every day, and enrolled them in music, dance, and athletic activities.

In addition, Dr. William Kaplan as well as Sherill Sigalow made deliberate false statements in their reports.  For example, Sigalow claims that the reason that she was no longer working with us was due to my “lateness”  (records will show that actually, I usually showed up at the office before Sigalow, who is a chain smoker and often has to take breaks to do her dirty business outside. I actually fired Sigalow personally when Alex did not make some support payments as agreed and I was unable to contact either herself or Alex for over 7 days. Kaplan deliberately omitted statements from friends which were favorable to me, which I realized because these friends called me afterwards to tell me what they had said to him in their statements.  Unfortunately for me, the only way to dispute these false statements is to go through an expensive trial… and even then it’s unclear what the impact of so many lies on the part of so many will be.

Note:  I’m still looking for files on CDs and External Hard-drives, so most likely these will be published within a few weeks.

Dropbox files related:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0t0cs3rzc7xsj8v/AAAYZPPdBJKyr4SeIs3VS-EXa?dl=0