Tresspassing and Illegally Entering

I’ve been through a lot since coming back from my extended vacation, including surviving a very severe bout of diarrhea accompanied by nausea and severe gastric and abdominal pain which came about after visiting a comedy club in Midtown Manhattan.  I went to City MD nearby, and had samples of my stool tested for all of the most common microbial causes of bacteria, but the test came back negative for all strains tested.  Having a background as a health care professional, this is disturbing because it means that the cause is either 1) non microbial or 2) some weird microbe which is rare.  In this case, my suspicion is that the cause was non microbial.  I had been drinking pro-biotics, yogurt, and fermented foods in order to try to replenish the micro-biome in my gut, and for the most part, my digestion has returned to it’s more or less normal state.  I have been away for extended periods after that, and I finally returned home for awhile and was enjoying the chance to decompress from a lot of issues and activity.

This morning, however, my neighbor (the same neighbor who had graffiti on his home on the side facing my backyard) rang my doorbell.  “Does this stuff belong to you?” he asked me, as he handed me a fist full of paperwork, including my car registration, proof of insurance, and manual for my car, among other things.  “I found these strewn all over the street,” he told me.  I was taken aback.  I know that I did NOT throw my own documents all over the street, so what this would mean is that someone illegally trespassed onto the driveway of my home, and then entered the vehicle in order to get my private documents out of the car.  A small plastic container inside the glove compartment in which I keep quarters for the parking meter (roughly about 20.00) was missing.  I quickly inspected my vehicle, and although the trunk was open and it was obvious that my personal belongings had been rummaged through, I did not notice any visually apparent damage or other items which were taken (yet- this just happened this morning.)

Omissions, Half-truths, and Outright Lies

Unfortunately, although the rhetoric in the justice system is that justice is blind, and that all people get fair treatment in the justice system, this is simply not the case, and sometimes it has less to do with discrimination as it does with crony-ism.  Arthur Cornfeld, who was a Harvard trained lawyer before he became a real estate investor, and Arthur’s niece, Leslie Cornfeld, who worked at the D.A.’s office and who was an advisor to Mayor Bloomberg, have a lot of connections in the legal community, and who knows what other kind of organizations, and there is absolutely NO WAY (even if there were the best of intentions, which there are not) that I will get entirely fair and unbiased legal proceedings.  I have already experienced blackballing by the lawyer for the “children” presumably who is supposed to work for the children’s interests, who refused to return repeated phone calls and emails, and who would only set up an appointment to speak with me at the intercession of my lawyer.  In addition, the lawyer for the Cornfelds misrepresented me to the judge as having a criminal record.  While it is true that I have been arrested due to some incidents which were related to other’s harassment of me (one of these incidents, which went to court, resulted in all charges being dropped and no charges pressed) this has nothing to do with an actual criminal record, meaning misdemeanor or felony charges.  What was more disturbing than the blackballing and misrepresentation, which  could almost be expected given the underhanded tactics that the Cornfelds have been taking, was the misrepresentation of me by the healthcare professionals who were taking my case, especially by Nikki Gontmakher of Child and Family Services in Manhattan.

There were various issues of lack of proper comportment by Nikki, including an overly condescending way of addressing me, and inconsistencies in her reports of “dissociation” episodes on my part while I was with the kids, but there were some instances of outright lies that she told in her reports to the court.  The first few times that my daughter came into the offices of CFS, she cried when seeing me, and when it came time to leave, she threw her arms around me and said loudly “Mommy, I don’t want to go to Daddy’s house.”  Gontmakher noticed and heard, because she looked over and then looked sadly down at the floor, however, she did not put any of this in her report.  Also notably missing, routine instances of lateness by Alex as well as herself.  But more than this, specifically there was one instance in which my daughter, who is suffering greatly due to our separation, who came in one day and complained to me about an instance in which she felt that she had been yelled at unfairly by her step-mother, and how she felt that she was ignored and not paid attention to at the Cornfeld household.  I listened patiently, and simply acknowledged her words by saying, “I’m sorry … it sounds like you’re having a rough time.”  This seemed like a sort of neutral way to acknowledge her feelings without saying anything bad about the father, but this enraged Gontmakher.  Apparently, any remote intimation that she might be having an unhappy experience at the Cornfelds was taken as a personal attack against Alex.  That evening, she sent me an email chiding me for “berating Alex” in front of the kids.  Shocked and incredulous, I emailed her back asking her to specifically detail exactly what I said which was “berating,” but she evaded the question, and insisted that I had berated Alex that day.  Luckily, I made a recording of most of the session, which I have posted on my dropbox.  In addition, I’m posting the emails that she sent me, as well as screen shots of text messages of each and every time the children were late, including one time that we were supposed to meet for an outing, and I texted her to let her know that there was bad traffic.  I ended up showing up much earlier than I expected, yet she kept me waiting downstairs on the steet for 20 minutes, even though I sent her repeated text messages letting her know that I had shown up in a timely fashion.

I’m not sure where she is drawing against this well of hatred against me, however, I am most certain that this is personal bias against me due to my participation in adult films.  I am not naive enough to think that word did not get out quickly to the CFS office the way it did at the real estate office I worked at in Brooklyn, as well as my gym. I can say though, that my treatment by persons at the office was completely reprehensible, and I can almost guarantee that they have treated drug addicted parents who actually DO have a criminal record and who put their kids in physical danger better than they treated myself, who not only has not EVER put my children in any kind of physical danger, but has no record of abuse, neglect, or mal-treatment of my children.  On the contrary, I took my children to culturally enriching activities, read to them every day, and enrolled them in music, dance, and athletic activities.

In addition, Dr. William Kaplan as well as Sherill Sigalow made deliberate false statements in their reports.  For example, Sigalow claims that the reason that she was no longer working with us was due to my “lateness”  (records will show that actually, I usually showed up at the office before Sigalow, who is a chain smoker and often has to take breaks to do her dirty business outside. I actually fired Sigalow personally when Alex did not make some support payments as agreed and I was unable to contact either herself or Alex for over 7 days. Kaplan deliberately omitted statements from friends which were favorable to me, which I realized because these friends called me afterwards to tell me what they had said to him in their statements.  Unfortunately for me, the only way to dispute these false statements is to go through an expensive trial… and even then it’s unclear what the impact of so many lies on the part of so many will be.

Note:  I’m still looking for files on CDs and External Hard-drives, so most likely these will be published within a few weeks.

Dropbox files related:

Annoyance Mail


Once again, here is definitive proof of someone trying to harass me, although it is not quite illegal enough to prosecute.  Upon returning from a wonderful, relaxing and refreshing vacation to the Carribean with my romantic partner, I discovered that someone had subscribed to magazines in both my legal name, stage name, and fabricated names including “Gia Beaknose,” Gia Bignose, and combinations of my legal and stage names.  There are only two possibilities here.  The first is that these were sent by some unknown stalkers, but the second, and more plausible explanation, is that these were sent by Kate Ambrose herself in an act of revenge upon me for exercising my right to free speech and blogging about her bad behavior.

I find it disturbing and reprehensible that a public school teacher would engage in this type of sophmoric expression in the first place, but also that, in addition to perjuring herself in order to make a false statement against me, that she would further violate the terms of an order of protection to send me these magazines.  Frankly, I find this a little bit funny.  It certainly is not very creative, and a few of these, like the New Yorker, The Economist, and Wine Spectator, are actually magazines that I might enjoy reading.  Still, after five years of agonizing harassment, including phone hacking, obscene phone calls and emails, vandalism, and physical attacks, I’m ready for something to be done.

My number one problem is that it is clear that numerous people are coordinating acts against me that have the cumulative effect of causing me extreme aggravation and stress.  Luckily, because my inborn, innate demeanor is to be calm, clear headed, and easy going, I was able to let most of these things go like water from a duck’s back.  However, I began taking things seriously when an email was circulated that got me fired form my job.  I do believe that these attacks are motivated by hate, close mindedness, and jealousy, but even so, I have been forced into a Catch-22 like situation, in which doing nothing allows the situation to worsen, while actively defending myself causes me legal issues and other problems.

Statement Made at Last Court Appearance

I refrained from publishing this statement before for several reasons, the first out of respect for my friend, and the second because I felt it was unnecessary, however, due to recent events, I have felt compelled to publish this, which is the statement that was filed with the court through my lawyer for the Kate Ambrose issue, which was one of the main factors which got the charges dropped down to an infraction.  I do feel that I have been double victimized through the course of this harassment, first by the harassers, and second by the people who are supposed to stand for justice and reason who are not able to take a person at face value when they claim that they are getting obscene emails, snail mail, phone calls, etc.  I’m not sure what’s so far fetched about an attractive woman who used to be in adult films getting harassed, but apparently, it seems far fetched to some people in the mental health community, especially if they are on the payroll of the Cornfelds.

Here is the first statement of one of the two eyewitnesses who were with me on different occasions of harassment. (note that my daughter’s name has been removed, and that my legal name has been changed to my stage name.  All other information is shown exactly as the statement exists in court filings.)

Regarding [my daughter’s] teachers:
I haven’t been home to visit, so I don’t have any information about this school year. In May I had asked [my daughter] how school was and got quite a mouthful. In so many words she spoke of how she extremely detested going to school because of a lack of friends and dislike of the way her teacher conducted herself. I had the opportunity to be in the car to drive her to school when I visited the school, and it was tough to get her out of the car and she dragged her feet all the way to the building. It gives the outward appearance she despised having to see this teacher daily.

Harassment Incidents:
Every time I am in public with [Gia], with or without her children we deal with harassment. This has been the case since mid-May 2013 when I met her.
– At the Russian baths that May we had a couple that kept coming very close to us and hissing. When [Gia] walked away from me to get something the hissing stopped, but when she returned so did the hissing from the couple.
– On more than one occasion that we’ve gone out to eat, especially if we have the kids with us, we have had people come into nearly empty restaurants after us. These people find a way to sit right next to us in empty restaurants, hiss throughout their conversations, and leave magically right before we do.
– I’ve walked through Manhattan and Brooklyn by myself, and even if sidewalks are crowded I don’t get bumped up against. When I walk with [Gia] (even ahead or behind her) regardless of the crowd density on the sidewalk people bump up against us or try too.
– At a music festival in July of 2013 we were in Ithica, NY at a music festival. The number of times people hissed at us was uncountable.
– [Gia} lives in a pretty quiet suburb, on what is not a main street. I’ve heard purposely revved engines at odd hours of the night on her usually silent street, as well as loud conversations with people congregating near her residence. [Gia’s] home is not even remotely close to a bus stop.
There have been numerous other occasions of harassment, over the course of time that I’ve known [Gia].

If you need anything else feel free to contact me. I’ve had to deal with my fair share of the harassment when I see [Gia], and it really does seem targeted.

Regards,  *****

Loiterers Around My Home

This morning I went out to drop some bills in the mailbox down the block from me, and I saw a tall, thin guy on the corner just sort of standing around.  I took my time walking down the street, since it was a nice day, and there is a park at the end of the street with a nice view of the water.  When I returned, the same guy was wandering around on the opposite corner, sort of nervously.  I went back in my home, to finish up some important personal stuff that I had not been attending to while I was busy at work, which had to do with the court case.  Then, I spoke with a friend of mine who had stayed with me a few times in between apartments and who had spent a lot of time around me with my children, who had been interviewed for the psychiatric assessment.  She had a strange bug bite and rash and was worried that it might be lyme disease, and was asking for a second opinion about what to do.  I then finished up some personal business, and (hours later) went back outside to survey the sky, since it was supposed to thunderstorm.  Strangely, THAT SAME GUY was right on the corner, and when I came out I know that he saw me and knew I recognized him.  He got pretty nervous and walked out of my line of sight.  I was thinking that it might be a P.I., but I also noticed a lot of people hanging out in cars the other day, who were definitely NOT P.I.s.  There were too many of them, and also, they were driving broken down cars with the parking lights turned on. They were very conspicuous and were making a loud ruckus.  I got some new video of alarms going off, but unfortunately, my battery died after just a minute or two.

Brooklyn Lyceum – “Hostile” Takeover

Here is a blog post regarding the “hostile takeover” of the Brooklyn Lyceum.  I’ve included a link to the blog post as well as screen shots, because anything negative published about the Cornfelds seems to disappear or become private if it gets too much attention.  This is exemplary of how ruthless individuals with lots of resources can control information about events, and particular people, including their enemies.  In fact, with enough money, you can buy out reporters of all kinds, judges, politicians (Arthur donated over 60,000 in political contributions in 2008, but interestingly enough, very few posts come up when you look for philanthropic contributions.  Alex Cornfeld is the same analytical, cold personality as his father.  When we lived together, I had asked him to donate some money to WNYC, of which I am an avid listener, and he could not even spare 100.00 for a public service like this.  However, when it comes to buying trinkets, fine whiskey, oddly shaped tumbler glasses that don’t fit in the cabinet properly, and 1500.00 suits, money is no object.)  Money is a tool to be used by Alex and Arthur Cornfeld to achieve utmost political power and to stamp out anyone who is a threat to said power.  This includes anyone who tries to block business deals, tries to organize unhappy tenants due to legitimate safety concerns, or who has “cooky” unorthodox ideas about vaccination, breastfeeding, and who gives non-traditional names to their grand-children.

The word on the street is (not from this article, but from a few community members who are in the know) that Alex wanted to buy out the Lyceum, and he got his father to go along with him.  They then dropped their bid, but Greystone followed through with the action. Greystone, which has a registered address next door to the Carnegie building, where ABC Properties is located, filed some documents without waiting the requisite amount of time, thereby eliminating the chance of the then owner to come up with the funds to pay off some of his debts and retain control of the building.  The blog post follows:

Also in the Real Deal:

Here is a great story that I listened to on WNYC about how it is possible for shell corporations to legally hide the identity of the owners of real estate in NYC (not related to Cornfelds, who use LLCs for their properties, but interesting nevertheless:

Arthur Cornfeld and his son will take any unorthodox advantage offered to them, and this may include trying to get records from a psychiatrist who was specifically hired to get an insanity diagnosis who saw me three times included as part of a “legitimate” psychiatric diagnosis.  Although I have psychologist records dating back to the time I was 21 years old which show I was basically stable, although I experienced the sort of run of the mill issues that a vast majority of people might experience over the course of their lives, Being subjected to targeted harassment, phone hacking, repeated vandalism of my home and car, and receiving hate mail and hateful internet posts will take its toll on anyone’s mental health.

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