Dead Decapitated Bird Found Outside my Apt

Yesterday I had a work associate over for a social visit and it was then, when we went out for a quick cigarette break, that I saw this dead bird in a too small cage outside. The head appeared to be removed and the feathers were ruffled and in bad condition, although the wings were spread. It was in a cage meant for rodents or hamsters (I find this metaphor kind of interesting, considering the Cornfeld “rat” situation. This is what happens when an other worldly entity spends too much time with dbased individuals. Luckily for me, I flew the coop-prison before this happened to me…)Not sure what to do about it, but I am posting some photos.


Another type of harassment – “Doxing”

Doxing is another type of coordinated, informational technology based harassment.  The harassment initially begins by finding an individual’s address and/or phone number, which are used to then discover more and more information about a person, possibly hacking into their bank accounts or phone.  Doxing can also be used to “ransom” important information from that individual’s private database.

Doxing has been documented against abortion providers in the 1990s, and hit lists were also posted online of suspects who may have been involved in the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, according to Wikipedia.

Here are some good tips of how to protect yourself from this type of harassment

More good sites relevant to personal privacy matters

Cornfeld Rats

I have heard through the grapevine about the numerous problems at the Cornfeld ownd building at 2020 Broadway in the UWS of Manhattan, including water damage, fire hazards, work undertaken without permits, and pending roof collapse due to postponed scheduled repairs. The tenant association has even put out a tote bag to commemorate their grit and endurance in survival of inexcusable conditions.

What I endured in court was the psychological equivalent to the apartment conditions. In the same way that repairs and services were denied to rent controlled tenants who were “troublemakers” for them in order to flush them out so that they could in turn feed their greed machine with higher rents, court dates were rescheduled with same day notice, adjournments, and every effort was made to stall and sabotage my efforts, including having the case illegally moved to matrimonial court in order to create a more favorable environment for court proceedings for themselves.

As today is Mother’s Day 2018, I have not recieved a single Mother’s Day card, phone call, or other acknowledgement since 2013. I was finally able to schedule a supervised phone call for tomorrow after weeks of stalling and emails on the Cornfeld end. This , of course, cannot be blamed upon the children, but upon the parents (or rather, lack of parental graciousness and guidance.)

It is no wonder that they are so greatly despised by so many people.

Failure of Alex Cornfeld to Abide by Court Agreement

The repeated failure of the Cornfelds to honor their word and play “fair,” and the unbelievable way that they are able to get away with murder again and again is despicable.  As shown in the following court transcript, Alex Cornfeld had verbally agreed to pay for my health insurance for the duration of one year following the signed agreement, however, to my dismay and disgruntlement, I found that only two months after signing the document, my account had been terminated.  This left me in a very precarious position due to the recent passage of the Affordable Care Act, since no broker would even discuss an individual policy with me until later in the year, right before the October/November sign-up period (another reason the ACA care act was rotten!)

I found myself with thousands of dollars of out of pocket expenses, so in 2017 I filed in court to recover my losses in court.  At this time, although I had the docket number of the prior court proceedings which were strangely held in Superior Court, I was told my the court clerks that the proper jurisdiction for my case would be in family court, and that in fact I COULD NOT file in Superior Court.

Only a few weeks later, I received a copy of an “Order for Emergency Relief,” claiming that “of course the children’s health expenses had been paid.”  Now John Kornfeld Esq and Associates KNEW VERY WELL that I was petitioning for MY OWN medical expenses, and in fact, the order for relief was filled with a multitude of outright lies on the part of Kornfeld and Associates, including that my own personal psychiatric witness had diagnosed me with “Axis 1 Delusional Disorder,” and that the fact that I had filed my petition in Family Court was evidence of an attempt at my part at “judge shopping.”  On the contrary, it was the Cornfelds who have judge shopped, time and time again, and gotten away with it.

The actual diagnoses of my personal witnesses were major depressive disorder 296.32  and post traumatic stress disorder 309.81. The Diagnosis of my second witness, a well respected forensic professional, was Personality Disorder NOS (which stands for “not otherwise specified.)  For those in the know who have a mental health background, this diagnosis is not a disorder at all, but is a generic term used when the problems of the individual do not fit into a particular category.  Since I no longer have anything to lose, I have decided to publish screen shots of the letters written by both my long term psychotherapist who diagnosed me with depression, and my forensic psychologist, who diagnosed me with the generic “personality disorder.”

Kornfeld Esq also claimed that my witness had not been blocked, however, I have in my possession a motion filed by Kornfeld to block my personal witness based on one sentence in the letter to my counsel which stated that “interestingly, [MCMI-III] test results do not reveal that [the respondent] is suffering from a psychosis of any sort.”  Kornfeld Esq claimed that the fact that my witness has used the term “interestingly” indicated that he was uncertain of his diagnosis, and the motion was then signed by Judge Thomas of Brooklyn Superior Court.  While it is a technicality that my witness was not officially blocked because we never went to trial, essentially, this signed motion would have prevented him from testifying in a trial, therefore his claims are a willful misrepresentation of facts.

In addtion, some of his claims in his request for “emergency relief” amount to complete fabrications, including the statement that I had “moved repeatedly” during my time in Brooklyn.  In fact, I lived at only two addresses in Brooklyn, one of which was in Park Slope, and the other in Bay Ridge.  The only reason that I moved from Bay Ridge is that after losing my support I could no longer afford to live there!  He also claimed that I had not been taking advantage of “extra visitation time” offered to me by Cornfeld.  In fact, I had not been getting all of the 8 hours that I was entitled to each month, and had to email repeatedly to get supervised phone calls which were often pushed back and rescheduled.  Setting up an appointment to visit my children often requires weeks of repeated emails and requests before times are set up.  I am not able to call my children for their birthday or holidays, and I did not get a phone call for mother’s day in 2016 or 2017.  This to me, speaks VOLUMES about the callousness and lack of regard on the part of the Cornfelds.

I filed a complaint with the Attorney Grievance Committee of Manhattan regarding what I felt were false and misleading statements on the part of Kornfeld Esq, however I finally received a letter in late 2017 stating that there was insufficient evidence that Kornfeld utilized unethical and illegal prosecutorial methods in a family court matter.  While we did not go to trial, it was my assumption that a legal professional should be bound to tell the truth an accurately represent facts even in pre-trial proceedings.

I have begun to realize that trying to recover the damages which are my rightful due is an exercise in futility, and that my time and resources would be better spent on myself, paying down over $15,000.00 in debt that I incurred to to the lack of health insurance when I needed some run of the mill outpatient diagnostic procedures (a colonoscopy for some digestive issues and a gynecological procedure that was supposed to be covered by my insurance, which was supposed to be paid for by Cornfeld, who likes to brag that he is worth over ten million.)  The callousness, selfishness, and lack of concern for my welfare exhibited by Cornfeld was not a surprise to me… it was a quality which has been present during the duration of the time that I spent with him.

Brooklyn Bowl “Ownership”

I just wanted to publish a clarification regarding “ownership” of the Brooklyn Bowl.  A point was made to be that the Brooklyn Bowl is officially a corporation.  This is true, actually.  There is no one “owner” of the Brooklyn Bowl, however, it is a fact that although it was the brainchild of Pete Shapiro, who was Alex Cornfeld’s film partner at Northwestern University, the Brooklyn Bowl was initially financed by both Arthur Cornfeld and Arthur’s relatives, Bob and Judy Cornfeld of Hollywood, Florida.  They held a large majority share initially, although Pete Shapiro, Charly, and Adina Cohen of Argosy books also made much smaller contributions.  Shares were quickly sold off to another investor after the Bowl opened in 2007.  Ironically, although this corporate structure was created to prevent nepotism and abuse, I still heard Alex tell Pete that he would be “God” at the Bowl as long as it existed.  Since the Cornfeld’s hold all their investments as LLCs, it can be difficult to track all of their holdings, however, they own millions worth of properties in various states. 

Although I am generally a fan of Wikipedia, I noticed that Pete Shapiro lists himself as the sole owner of the Brooklyn Bowl without acknowledging the corporate structure. My guess is that this might be an attempt to put out false information in order to have my blog taken down. It’s interesting that although Wikipedia is supposed to be publicly sourced, which means anyone can edit it, the Brooklyn Bowl page is locked.  I do understand that Wikipedia was hurting for money recently, but one would think there are at least some organizations which would not “sell out. “

Open Call for a Lawyer

I’m putting out an open call for a lawyer who can help me sue over the Kate Ambrose incident at PS 39.  I have contacted numerous lawyers over the past 6 months, and although many of them have expressed their condolences to me over what I was forced to endure at PS 39, all of them have told me that my case does not lie within their scope of practice.

I am looking to sue for damages, including but not limited to defamation/slander, harassment, discrimination against a GLBT person, emotional distress suffered by my children, and extreme emotional distress suffered by myself, as well as monetary damages including legal fees, medical/psychiatric fees, and other expenses incurred as a result of her actions.

I have original documentation of:

  • Complaints that I made to the school administration at PS 39 in email form that Kate Ambrose, as well as other members of the staff at the school had harassed me
  • Complaint made to the Office of Equal Opportunity which is a third party that investigates complaints against the school district
  • Emails and statements from friends and acquaintances which discuss the situation
  • Bills showing psychiatric care undertaken and after a Kate Ambrose made a false statement was made about me under oath
  • Original unopened letters sent with derogatory names and insults sent to my address (ten-fifteen were saved from a large box of over 100)
  • Records from a talk therapist seen BEFORE the problems with Ambrose which show that my diagnosis was depression, and that I was in stable condition with no signs of psychosis
  • Proof that Kate Ambrose is no longer a licensed teacher in the state of New York.

Anyone who wishes to help me in this case is welcome to leave a private comment (all comments must be approved and your information will not be posted.)

New strange text msg

I received this text a few days ago. If you take a look at it, you can see that the phone number has an area code but An incomplete number. digits of the rest of the number. Also the text is completely composed of extra characters. 

As a privacy measure, I began using a Google voice number, and begin giving that number out to everyone instead of my real phone number. I had to change numbers and phones a few times, but it’s significantly reduced the instance of Bizzarre text messages, spoofed numbers, and crank calls. However, recently due to poor service in my area, I could not use Google Voice on a regular basis, and I begin using my regular number again. My carrier T-Mobile has told me that I can change my number for free at any time if I begin getting harassment calls again, but I feel like just using the Google Voice worked well enough. 

The saga continues.