What to do if you are (really) being followed.

It’s not always clear if you are actually being followed.  In my case, I was being followed by private investigators for over one year without my permission, and I do believe that I am still being followed by Arthur’s henchmen now and then.  Here is a good article I ran across about various methods you can use to 1)determine if you are actually being followed and 2)loose the followers.



I have found that for me, the absolute BEST way to figure out if a person or group was following me was to stop suddenly in my tracks.  Often times, the person or individuals would then stop also, usually very awkwardly, waiting for me to do something.  Sometimes, the less sophisticated among them would also point in my direction or keep looking furtively back and forth to see what I was doing.  I then would turn on my phone and begin filming them, which usually made them frightened enough of exposure to stop following me.

If being followed by car, as in the brighting incident in my youtube film from a previous post with a vehicle flashing it’s lights behind me (which used to happen frequently) slow down, and allow them to pass.  They will usually slow down as well, waiting for you to speed up again, but when you don’t, eventually they will pass.  At that time you can flash your lights a few times as well.  I don’t get followed with brights anymore, because I always reverse bright, and no one likes that.

I have also taken a moment to comprise a chart of the difference between what psychologists call “non-bizarre delusions,” that is, things that could physically happen in real life but which are NOT really happening to a given individual, and actual harassment.  Much of the art of psychiatric diagnosis is still highly subjective, and even tests like the MMPI are not entirely free from confounds.  For instance, if an individual REALLY IS being followed, the test may give a false positive for paranoia because it only takes into account an individual’s answers on the test, and not actual life circumstances.

Delusional Harassed
Repeatedly claim events are happening (usually over years) but has no physical proof  EXAMPLE – Jean’s spouse has tried to poison her over 100 times but has not succeeded, she’s not physically ill, and has no evidence of tampering. Claim ongoing repetitious events, but can provide video, audio, eyewitness accounts, and other forms of physical proof of harassment
Harrassed in any neighborhood, at all times, and harassment seems to follow them to any and all locations EXAMPLE – No matter where Jeffrey goes he is followed by the CIA. Harassment is situational, occurs in only certain places, and individual can find respite from harassment in various ways
Individual generally has no known enemies and no factors that would provide incentive for someone to harass them Individual has one or more enemies or others who would benefit financially, socially, or otherwise from having them harmed or seen as mentally incompetent
Mood and behavior is usually the same over a lifetime, or if it does change, the change is usually gradual Mood and behavior changes markedly upon onset of harassment due to stress, depression, and other psychiatric issues caused by harassment

The above chart is a general guide.  Every individual is different and it often takes a very skilled and experienced practitioner to arrive upon the correct diagnosis, especially in the case of a person who is experiencing “non-bizarre” delusions.  Another complication in differentiating between a harassed and delusional person is that the harassed person will also become hyper vigilant or primed to expect harassment and may see events which are coincidental as part of the harassment.  A good mental health professional also takes into account how functional, independent, and otherwise healthy their patient is to determine the proper course of treatment.

My mail has been coming in opened

I have moved up to a nice quiet neighborhood in Westchester County, NY, just north of the Bronx, and I have been working hard painting, moving furniture, and generally getting the place into good shape, and I needed to order a few large items for the new place, including a dehumidifier.  I noticed that the dehumidifier was delivered with the box open (the bottom had been completely cut out so that you could slide the top off the box.)  I didn’t think much of this, but then when other mail started to come in open, I became suspicious.  The last thing that came in open was a small box sent to me by a friend who visited for a week, and had borrowed my keys and forgotten to return them to me before she left.  The box that she sent the keys in was open, as well as the envelope inside the box.  Now I’m wondering whether or not I should change my locks again, which is simple enough; I did it myself the first time, just by going to the hardware store and buying a new set of knobs for about 40.00.

Still, given everything that has been going on, it’s very unsettling knowing that someone might have the keys to my house.  What’s interesting is that my grandmother happened to be visiting and was outside when the postal worker came, and that the mail was ALREADY open at that time, eliminating the possibility that one of my neighbors or some passerby might have come by and opened it looking for valuables.

Repeated Black Balling and Blocking of Critical Information

I would have never imagined that in this country, such mis-carriages of justice might be allowed as have occurred in this case.  Even asides from repeated snubs from Brad Nacht, the lawyer “for the children” appointed to the case, various things have occurred which have led me to believe that my rights to fair representation and a full presentation of my case are being interfered with.  For one thing, although I was assigned an “independent” forensic evaluator by the court, it is very apparent, given hard evidence that I am willing to provide, that there were numerous lies and falsehoods represented as truth by various individuals, including Nikki Gontmakher and Sherill Sigalow, who told an outright lie about the reason for termination of her services (they were terminated by myself, as shown by two emails from me to her explaining the reasons why I fired her.)  Information given to the evaluator by my own personal references was distorted or completely ommitted.

While I did hire a forensic evaluator who was able to examine my audio tapes and find that indeed, there were hissing sounds on the audio and that I have an second psych evaluation which found that

testing with the MCMI-III reflect that … tests results do not reveal that Ms Sepich is suffering from a psychosis of any sort.

the Cornfelds have filed a motion to block the testimony of both of my expert witnesses in court.  In fact, my lawyer has told me that Brad Nacht accused my forensic evaluator of being a “hired gun.”  The Cornfelds are not concerned about my mental health and well being, as evidenced by the fact that they have completely cut off contact with me, presumably at a time when I was most in need of emotional support, and I have had no contact of any kinds with any of the Cornfelds with the exception of routine text messages once a month to Alex Cornfeld to coordinate support payments.  What I am most in shock over is the ease with which the Cornfelds were able to lie, manipulate, cheat, and abuse their power and influence.


Sorry dude, the judge is my poker buddy.


The Borderline King – Male Personality Disorders

I find it interesting that there is so much emphasis on the female personality disorders, and in fact, this section I’m about to quote is almost an after thought from the book “Understanding the Borderline Mother” By Christine Ann Lawson.  When male personality disorders do happen, they tend to be more pronounced, and associated with more anti-social behavior.  Although I did several google searches, there isn’t very much info about male borderlines except for the most self destructive types.  Here are some excerpts from Chapter 8  about the borderline “king.”

The king has a heightened sense of self importance, and feels entitled to special treatment. He embellishes his accomplishments and may blatantly lie in order to be perceived as superior to others… Katie had many embarrassing memories of her father’s behavior in restaurants and airports when service did not meet his expectations.  He could be ruthless, demanding, and intimidating.  If service was slow, he expected a discount.  He complained to manages, demanded, refunds, and threatened lawsuits over the slightest inconvenience, announcing, “I run a $10 million industry and if I ran my company anything like this we’d go bankrupt!”

This was a spot on description of Alex Cornfeld’s behavior.  Everything from the giant “Alex – The man who knows” wall sized artwork in the Brooklyn bowl, to his incessant need to have others act ingratiatingly towards him, I believe it was exceptionally difficult to find someone who would not feed his narcissism, but rather, called him out on it.  I recall a time when we went out to a very hot sushi place in Studio City called Asanebo, which at that time served omakase only.  We sat at the bar and were served some of the freshest fish I had ever tasted, on warm rice, which was unusual.  His response to the sushi chef was “this was good, but not quite so good as that first time I came.”  I found this kind of funny and I later called him out on it, letting him know that I thought that was kind of an ass-hole thing to say, but he became defensive.

I recall one other time when we stayed at the Crown Plaza in Irvine for one of Alex’s squash tournaments.  The room was fine, clean, and I slept very agreeably in the bed that night, however, the next morning, he went down to the front desk and complained that he had not been able to sleep all night due to a “noise” in the room.  I was in complete shock, but I didn’t say anything, given that I am generally a sound sleeper when I’m not under stress, it was possible that I had not hear the noise.  He demanded that the front desk clerk go up to the room, and he held up one finger and demanded, “listen.”  I strained my ears for a few moments, but I didn’t hear anything except for the very soft, barely perceptible hum of the central a/c.  I looked at the clerk for a second, trying to keep a straight face, but he seemed very intimidated, and said, ok, yes, we’ll comp you the room for the evening.  I would have broken down laughing except that I was in complete shock that this could have even happened.  This over sensitivity, combined with numerous annoying tics, i.e. repeated tracing of his lips with his finger, toe picking while reclined, and inappropriately and obsessively touching his penis, albeit in a non-sexual way, in front of elderly relatives, was just another symptom of his neurosis.

The king’s grandiosity is an attempt to compensate for his fear of dependency.  The king strives to be perceived as the ultimate provider … and when others are unappreciative, he either withdraws or explodes with rage.

Here again, a picture perfect description of Alex Cornfeld.  He likes to brag about how many millions he makes, but of course, he never mentions the fact that his father put up the first million for his investment, and then later was  the majority investor in all his subsequent ventures.  The fact that Alex never truly had to struggle for anything in his life was one of the things that I most reviled about him.  If he had had a bit more graciousness and acknowledgement of his privilege, I would have found it much easier to get along with him.  I found his inability to compromise and his difficulty seeing past his own narcissism to appreciate others completely intolerable.

Despite the king’s grandiosity, his self esteem is fragile, thus, he requires continuous attention and admiration in order to feel valued … and [he is] preoccupied with his appearance, his possessions, and how well his business is doing.

Although Alex likes to put on a grandiose face, the truth of it is that he at various times expressed deep insecurities about his attractiveness to me, and even his penis size.  He asked me so many times when we first met if I really thought that he was attractive that I finally decided to stop being diplomatic and I yelled at him “you’re not as bad as you think,” which seemed to finally, at long last satisfy him, to my befuddlement.  He almost seemed to enjoy the backhanded compliment, and I did notice that he seemed to enjoy repeatedly provoking me into an angry response… almost to the point where it was a sexual turn on for him.

I find it interesting in our society that the qualities of narcissism, self-aggrandizing behavior, trash talking, and belittlement of others are ok in several situations 1) if you are male  2) if you have a lot of money, but even then mostly if you are male.  The same qualities present in a female which are considered golden in a male are reviled, attacked, and scorned, especially by women, which is most ironic of all.


Updates 12/15/2015

Not surprisingly, The Cornfelds have used all tactics to stall and delay court proceedings, and in some cases literally have no respect for court proceedings.  At the last proceeding, when I was about to petition for Thanksgiving visitation with my children, I was informed by my lawyer that the Cornfelds had already made travel plans for the week, even though they KNEW that we were appearing in part to determine if I would be able to see my children over the holiday.  My lawyer was absolutely aghast that they would have this much contempt for court orders that they would dare to show such disregard.    I do periodic searches on and I did find an interesting blog post here


which pertains to Cornfeld scofflaw tendencies.  On a related note, I also have posted an updated list to unedited films in my dropbox, but these are all available on my youtube channel


I had another flat tire on my real passenger side wheel the other day, which I replaced with a high quality tire.  Further updates will be posted as they happen.

New film depicting a “brighting” incident recently


Also – I re-edited the audio clip with the hissing.  It has come to my attention that certain people couldn’t hear the hissing at all over the background noise, but once I put visual cues in, almost everyone can hear it.  It’s available on vimeo here (make sure to turn up the sound!)

It should be noted that I filed a complaint against Kate Ambrose of PS39 for hiss talking and hissing at me during a visit to her classroom.  Nothing was done regarding my complaints, and said Ambrose later filed a complaint after committing the bad behavior alleging that she believed I was mentally ill.  She committed an act of perjury, which is a felony in every state, which when properly prosecuted results in a minimum of one year prison time.

Hate Based Harassment and Homophobic Hysteria

It’s a shame that although much lip service is paid to “inclusiveness” and “celebration of diversity” that deep in the core of the majority of people, a deep seated distrust and dislike of those that are different still harbors itself unnoticed by the masses, even among public school teachers, like Kate Ambrose.  While the school district puts out propaganda about anti-discriminatory policies, subtle forms of hate based harassment are tacitly accepted by the school board.  The following photos depict mail that was sent to my home, most likely sent by Kate Ambrose in an act of revenge.


It seems that a deep seated hysteria about women who don’t fit the mold, don’t follow the normally accepted rules of femininity, and perhaps, simply are born hardwired to be more independent, freethinking, naturally athletic, are then accused of being transexuals or having some other sort of fictional disorder.  Not only is this an open expression of hate and homophobia, this is an assault against strong women everywhere, and I believe that anyone who emobodies humanistic ideals of freedom and innate human rights, and who ACTUALLY believes in celebration of diversity should be gravely offended by this.

Kate Ambrose, an unscrupulous person who lied under oath, violated my basic human rights to decency and respect, and then she further decided to taunt me by sending this mail, in a vile act of hate fueled malice.  Is this the type of person that we want teaching our children in public schools?


Third Time’s the Charm

Over the span of the few years that I was involved with Alex, it came to my attention that I was not the first woman who was reluctant to accept a marriage proposal.  As it turns out, prior to being involved with me, Alex had another girlfirend who, like me, was a one time exotic dancer and who also did massage and was into herbs and health.  The story that I was told by a few of Alex’s friends was that he had proposed to her a couple of times, once at dinner with her family, and that she had  refused him both times.  This actually came as kind of a relief for me to hear, because I then discovered that I was not the only woman who thought that Alex was impossible in the context of any sort of romantic relationship.  I imagine that he had likely behaved similarly with her as he did with me, which was to be pompous, narcissistically self-absorbed, arrogant, critical, and aloof.  In their case however, since they did not have any kids, their free time was spent taking trips to Mexico for trance parties that involved hallucinogenic drugs, snowboarding trips, surfing, and taking walks with the dog in Runyan Canyon.  I’m sure that it was likely easier for Dawn, who did not have to share space with Alex and get him to compromise and cooperate to set up a living space, to get breathing space whenever she needed.

In my case, however, although I worked at the spa in Beverly Hills until I was six months pregnant and the dungeon in West LA until I was four months pregnant, I was thereafter temporarily stripped of the independence that I had enjoyed my entire adult life and found that Alex was becoming increasingly difficult and was not easily be able to compromise or make joint decisions. We ended up relegating our decisions to one person or the other.  He would set up the living room, I would get to do the kitchen and the kids bedroom.  I also ended up doing most of the research for preschools in our neighborhood, because he didn’t think it was important for the kids to attend pre-school, as well as choosing the pediatrician, who coincidentally happend to be distantly related to the Cornfelds (complete accident.)

He became increasingly testy and relatives and friends who would come over to visit would comment about what a grouch he was (he yelled at one of my friends for ringing to doorbell too late at night – 9pm, and would not relinquish space on the sofa to my then 82 year old grandmother who wanted to watch the telenovellas before going to bed.)  Even my step-mother mentioned that- quote “Alex is an asshole.”  Still, everywhere he goes, presumably because he makes a lot of money, he gets people to kiss his ass and defer to him, which further feeds his over aggrandized sense of himself.  This same personality issue put him at odds with the head of the tenant association of one of his buildings, who is a strong minded woman who cuts through the Cornfeld bullshit and sees him for what he truly is, is probably the same personality which prevented Dawn from accepting his marriage proposal long before I knew him.

I do feel that although psychologists widely agree that the predominant features of our personality are inborn, that overly permisive parenting can bring out the worst of the worst of what we were born with.  Although personality is inborn, certain things like manners and a sense of civility towards others are developed through experience.  There is a reason that Alex himself likes to joke that he is “the god of small things” and that is because no one ever had the balls to confront him about his arrogance and narcissism.   Those who do find their character attacked, find themselves belittled or made fun of, or discredited by Cornfeld.  Anyone who is a threat to the autonomy of power of Alex Cornfeld is ruthlessly struck down.

As the expression goes, though, the third time is often the charm, and his third marriage proposal was finally accepted.