My Daughter’s Drawings

One of the most ironic things about this whole ordeal is that anyone who knows my daughter well knows that she prefers being with me, and does not like going to her father’s house, for various reasons, but mostly because his aloof demeanor makes my daughter feel ignored, and he is not the type to initiate conversations or structured play, something that my daughter, who has a very high IQ like I do, needs for stimulation. There is sort of a misconception by most people that children who are introverted or extremely organized have some sort of mental or personality disorder. On the contrary, research has found that children with high IQs are predominantly introverted and prefer reading or independent play compared to other children. Often, according to many child psychologists, they have trouble relating to their peers who are not as smart as they are. I made a special effort with my daughter to engage her and to draw her out, but over the past few months, I have noticed that she has become more and more withdrawn than ever before.

On Mother’s Day this year, my daughter gave me a card, with three horses, one mom (meant to be me) and two colts, representing herself and her brother. What was especially notable was that they eyes of the horses were extrememly small, and that the mother horse was wearing a bridle which almost entirely obscured her vision. Here is the picture:


What struck me immediately is the difference in the facial expressions and color of these horses compared to what she used to draw.  Prior to this, she drew bright, colorful horses with huge expressive eyes, sparkles, rainbows, and lots of clouds and decorations.  The subdued colors and the tiny, unexpressive eyes are indicative of my daughter’s depressed mental state.  Although I have two professional degrees, I remember quite a bit from my college studies in psychology.  Following are old drawings from when she lived with me at my home, showing bright colors and joyful expressions on the faces of the horses.  The difference in styles of the faces and the emotional character of these drawings is extremely striking.

IMG_1398 IMG_1397

My daughter has been suffering the most due to this whole ordeal.  All of the Cornfelds, including Ann Cornfeld, are aloof, sort of emotionally withdrawn intellectuals who, although they have no problem calculating profit/loss statements, struggle to relate at any sort of emotional level, and fantasy life escapes them entirely.  However, when it comes to buying favors and intimidating others with their money and abusing their power, they have no problem with this.

How to tell if your phone is tapped/hacked

This is a great clip about how your phone can be tapped/hacked without your knowledge.  I experienced quite a few of these with my first 4G phone, including 1) shortened battery life 2) phone being hot when I picked it up  3) phone lighting up without being touched  4) strange text messages with numbers and codes  5) echoing and background noise while talking



Hit and Run Accident

A guy hit my parked car in the parking lot the other day.  I was supposed to meet some clients to show them an apartment at the Dunkin’ in Gowanus.  I drove in, parked, and sat in my car for a second while I was getting some stuff together.  A minute or two later, a guy came in a big truck and bumped my car hard enough so that the whole car shook.  He crossed over the line while my car was parked even though there was NO ONE on the other side of him.  I’m not saying this was gang stalking, however, either he was a complete inept moron or he just didn’t give a shit.  I decided to post him simply because he was such an asshole.

A police officer did come by and I explained my situation, and he agreed with me, but I didn’t have time to sit there and make a report.  This guy violated the law by not giving out his information to me after he hit me.  Also, he’s a stinking ass-hole.

I put the stuff up on my dropbox

Alex Cornfeld Involved in an Accident with Children

My son disclosed to me during a visit last Thursday that the children were in the car when Alex Cornfeld crashed the car into an ice bank on a trip up to Vermont.  it’s unclear whether he was drinking, as he often does, and perhaps was impaired while he was driving, or what kind of damage was done to the car, but of course, I am concerned for the safety of my kids.  I have always known Alex to be somewhat of a reckless driver.  This is more than just the average “agressiveness” that might be expected, but I recall him regularly tailgating, and of course, driving after having a bit more to drink than he should.

When we lived back in Hollywood, I recall screaming when we almost hit a car in front of us when he was tailgating, and his response was to yell at me.  “Don’t ever scream in my car again.” He yelled.  “Excuse me!” was my retort.  I was literally afraid for my safety.  I worked as a delivery driver for one year and this experience taught me to keep my distance, to look four to five car lengths ahead when possible, and to plan my route carefully to avoid un-necessary last minute changes.  This was before GPS, so I used a Thomas Guide to plan my route, and since I have a great memory for visuals and schematics, combined with the fact that I am a quick learner, I did pretty well.  The only major accident I have been involved in was a zero fault accident, and was the result of a 22 year old kid making a left in front of me when it was not safe to do so.

Needless to say, I was not notified of the accident, just as I was not notified of my son’s accident resulting from negligence that required stitches, or the chemical poisoning that caused my son severe vomiting and dehydration.  I am especially concerned of the Cornfelds’ ability to buy out anyone who they might see as a threat, and to influence those who are friendly to them with so much money that they might become intimidated if they want to do the right thing or speak their mind. Aside from this, the most certainly have the financial resources to hire people to hack, harass, intimidate, slander and defame, and follow to conduct surveillance.  I have been followed by PIs for the greater part of the past year, and when I mention to people that I notice the same people again and again, I am told that I am crazy, overly sensitive, and delusional.

New Additions to My Dropbox

Technical difficulties, and still trying to figure out how to airdrop from my iphone.


Bernard Cornfeld – Notorious Shysters

I recalled awhile back that Alex had mentioned that he was distantly related to Bernard Cornfeld, notorious ostentatious hedge fund manager and con artist.  I laughed about it at the time, but now it’s not really so funny.  Having delved a little bit into the background of both Arthur and Alex, they actually have quite a lot to hide, aside from possible money laundering and illegal co-mingling of funds alleged by some news stories found on the internet about them.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree, they say.

Since I met Alex for the first time, there was just something that sort of scared me about him… it was something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but it was a gut feeling.  I have met TONS of people in my life in all capacities and types of interations, and due to my involvement in the adult film industry, I’ve even met my share of “mobster” investors in film productions, including one Armenian mobster in a 10.000.00 Armani suit who kept asking me out, offering to take me for a ride in his powder blue S class, however, none of them gave me that sort of feeling that I got from Alex.  I wrote the feeling off but now I realize that I was dead on as far as my judgements about Alex, his personality disorder, and his inability to empathize with other people.

Here are some links about “Bernie”Cornfelds notorious misdeeds and his relatonship with Madam Heidi Fleiss:

Fem on Fem Nastiness

A couple of years ago, one of my very best friends visited me from California.  When I lived there, we were together several times a week, and I genuinely enjoyed her company since she was sensitive, easy going, had had many shared interests including herbology and health, esoteric interests, and even liked the same kind of music.  She came to visit me after the birth of my daughter and then again shortly after my son was born.  Granted, although she was the president of a chapter of a health related non-profit organization in Los Angeles and was enjoying the chance to work in a field that she believed in and meeting her gurus, she was unhappy at a deep level with her romantic relationships, and she began experiencing mental health issues which impacted her functioning at all levels.

The final time that she came to visit me, she was noticeably distressed..  “We’re so much alike!”  She said to me.  “We’re exactly the same!  You just got lucky, and that’s why you live in this big apartment, and have these two kids.”  At this moment I realized that the ugly green eyed monster of jealousy had reared its head in my relationship with my friend.  I became very upset with her, and I actually yelled at her, which had not happened even once in our friendship of over 7 years. “We’re nothing alike!”I said to her, thinking about how she had gotten her tribal nation to pay for so much of her educational costs, and how she had bounced around from school to school and never completed any of her course work, and how she had been engaging in an affair with a married heroine injecting rock star who, although he was hot, talented, a successful musician, was unavailable to her for ten plus years.  Although I understood that part of her lashing out at me had to do with her own insecurities and that it had nothing to do with me, this outburst, combined with the fact that she was in such a dark mood that it became uncomfortable having her over at my house, caused me to pull back from the relationship. I simply did not want to surround myself with that kind of energy at that point in my life.  Although I still care for my friend and have gotten together with her subsequently to that argument, I felt that I needed to give her time to work out her own issues.

Luckily, before moving to NYC I had never been the target of female on female jealousy, however, I had seen it happen with other women, and it was absolutely vicious.  When I was in high school, one of my friends was extremely envious of the head soprano in the high school choir.  She was pretty, charismatic, constantly the center of attention, and drove a cute car.  This friend of mine, who will go nameless, but who struggled with weight issues, dating, and although she definitely had close friends, probably wished at some deep level that she could be the center of attention, continuously mocked her singing voice outside of her presence, badmouthed her, and managed to get a couple of friends to go along with her in her trash talking of the other girl.  Although it was not nearly as malicious as the type of hate that was perpetrated against me by people who I had never met before, it was bad.  When people feel insecure about themselves at a deep level, they like to make themselves feel better by cutting other people down in any way that they can, even if it means creating lies about the other person that they end up believing themselves.

I met Alex Cornfeld when I was 26 years old at a new years eve party, and became a first time mom at 28.  Although this is a reasonably mature age to have a baby, my entire life I have been cursed with the gift of looking much younger than my age.  I had complained to a friend of mine’s partner who was in his 50s that kids in Park Slope had no respect for adults, and he remarked to me that although I was in my early 30s, that I looked barely older than a kid myself.  I would’t be surprised if Kate Ambrose, who is childless, chubby, and lives at home with her parents, didn’t experience some sort of intense jealousy when she came into contact with me.  At the time that the harassment occurred, which was in September right after the beginning of the school year, I had never even spoken to her, other than to say a brief hello when I dropped my daughter off t school in the morning.

I also find that in general, 90% of women distrust other women who they perceive to be different from themselves.  If you don’t play the game, if you do your own thing, if you are threatening in any way to the traditional concepts of femininity, other women (and some men as well) tend to attack you.  As much as people like to talk a big game about women’s rights and equality, when it comes down to it, society as a whole wants a woman who plays by the rules, pretties herself up in the socially acceptable ways, and lets the man take charge in all matters, even if he is a compulsive drinker and a drug-addict who does not always exhibit good judgement.

Read more about how Kate Ambrose conspired with Alex Cornfeld to help him get custody of the children: